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  • Polka Dogz Pet Rescue is a registered 501C3 company and our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs while educating the community on responsible pet ownership. At Polka Dogz we rely on our dedicated volunteers and donors to maintain the rescue and medical treatment of all our dogs. With your help, thousands of small dogs are saved each year.
Rescue organizations are making great strides and combating animal abuse in all forms, but we MUST have help from individuals everywhere.  This is a daunting task, and sometimes seems impossible, but when you look into the eyes of the animals you have saved, it means the world to them.  We cannot and will not turn away. Your contributions are sincerely appreciated.
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My name is Goose. I never had the pleasure of being an inside dog. I was left outside, even during the hurricanes, which left me injured and paralyzed. For months afterward I was still left outside, dragging my lame body around in the dirt, scraping off layer after layer of skin leaving me prone to numerous infections. I couldn’t urinate on my own and since no one was there to express my bladder, I developed yet another infection which was very painful and could have easily cost me my life.
Polka Dogz heard of my plight and came to my rescue. I have been treated for my infections and have seen a specialist. My external wounds are finally healing but the internal ones still remain.
The good news is I now get to live INSIDE a home, snuggle up on the couch, and I even have my very own set of wheels to help me get around. My foster mom does physical therapy exercises every day with me and she says she isn’t giving up hope for me to walk again. Even if I don’t though she will love me just the way I am.
I am surrounded by toys (I LOVE my squeaky toys) and have a better life than I ever had before…even if I can’t use my back legs.
I’m looking for sponsors to help me with my continued care and physical therapy. It could be as simple as sponsoring the cost of my diapers each month, or as much as sponsoring my physical therapy. I will be thankful for any help.


My name is Cookie, like a Christmas Cookie. My Christmas gift this year was life saving surgery. It’s not what I had on my Christmas list but when you are faced with life or death options your Christmas wish list gets prioritized much differently.
I had a family but they gave me up when my mom died and my dad just couldn’t keep up with me. Polka Dogz took me in and quickly discovered I had some medical issues that needed addressed. I was urinating blood which we discovered was due to bladder stones. Diet didn’t dissolve them so the plan was to remove them when I got spayed. Unfortunately, I was having some complications and they couldn’t finish that surgery. I took way too long to come out of anesthesia which led to more testing. I had an ultrasound and additional testing and it was suspected I had a liver shunt. This required a trip to a specialist so off I went to University of Florida where the shunt was confirmed.
I went on several medications to get me stable enough to have the operation. In the beginning of December, I finally got the liver shunt surgery and the bladder stone removed. I am recovering but my bills mounted to over $3,800. Can you be the angel that sponsors me and lets me know my life was worth saving?

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Endearing Edgar. I’ve looked near and far for a family to love me. I know you are out there. Are you looking for me too? Here I am if we can just find our way to each other. I’m a good boy with lots of personality so if you can handle that we can become best buds. I will snuggle with you and rub my soft fur against you. I will jump in bed with you if you want and I’ll even be nice to your cat if you have one of those.

I really have […]

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According to the Humane Society of the United States 2.4 million healthy companion animals are put down in US shelters every year (one every 13 seconds).


The answer is simple.  Don’t buy a pet. There will always be a need for rescues to help companion pets, but YOU are the solution to overpopulation.


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Polka Dogz TV Appearance

Polka Dogz Animal Rescue was featured on Orlando’s Channel 6 News receiving the Getting Results Award.  Click the image to view the video.


Where Will We Go?

Volunteers of Polka Dogz Pet Rescue are looking for a new home in the Central Florida area.  Our new facility will provide our needy and homeless pets the special medical attention, and the tender loving care they deserve until they are whole again.

  • Our safe haven allows pets to live rather than die, while we find them a forever home.
  • With your help, we will make our vision a reality in 2018.

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It is a matter of life or death.

To donate via check please mail to:
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